Monday, 1 April 2013

March Review

So here I am once again at the end of a long month of patching wondering what I can write for a 'review' of the month. Last month I didn't consider it necessary to write a review as the review would have consisted of something along the lines of; I saw a Grey Heron, that was it. By the end of February I had 29 species and points, having started the month with 28 species and points (part of the patchwork challenge). This month I fared slightly better finishing on a total of 34 species and points.

I saw 5 new species on my patch this month. This was below expectation however with the cold weather what to expect couldn't be predicted. Anything could have turned up from summer passerines to wintering wildfowl. I had hoped for a few migrants but that will have to wait for April.

So what was the highlight species out of the 5 I saw. It would definitely have to be the flock of 20 Greylag Geese that flew over my patch at dusk. I have a vague idea of the species that I should be seeing over the course of the year and Greylag Geese, or any Geese, was not included in this superficial list. I was so surprised to first hear them calling and then to see them fly over my head. It is moments like those that keep me coming back to my patch.

To conclude, March has be a fine month in terms of seeing species with 5 new species. The birds have began to sing and spring is still attempting to run its course despite the bitter temperatures. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get any rarities along my patch. Hopefully the spring migration will bring some!

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